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Q. How does BrewGene work?

A. We have set up a complex algorithm that creates correlations between users and different types of beers. Our recommendations are produced based on other users' ratings of similar and exact beers. The more beers your rate the more customized and accurate our recommendations will be.

Q. So I signed-up, what do I do next?

A. Start rating some beers! We have two ways to get you started: We'll show you a random selection of beers others are rating - Here
If you know beers you have had, search for them and rate them - Here

Q. What happens if I search for a beer and my search does not produce any results?

A. One of two things: Either you misspelled what you were looking for; or you found a beer that isn't in our database of over 50,000 beers - congratulations. If you're signed in you can add the beer. If not, tell us about it! Visit the Contact Us page and select the category of 'Missing A Beer'.

Q. Is there a limit to how many beers I can rate?

A. No, in fact the more beers you rate the better. BrewGene will identify your taste for beer and provide recommendations based on other users' ratings. The more you rate and the more everyone else rates, the more customized our recommendations will be.

Q. Should I rate all beers I've had, or only ones I like?

A. Rate everything you've had. If there's a beer you don't like, rate it as such. Both your good and bad ratings will be used when we make recommendations about other things you would like.

Q. Why don't I have any recommendations?

A. You need to rate more beers! Once you start rating, we'll try to correlate you ratings with similar beers and users - but if you haven't rated enough beers we can't do that yet.

Q. Can I see other users on BrewGene?

A. Yes, we have a Beer Buddies system on BrewGene. You can search for other users by name or email address, become their Beer Buddy!

Q. What can I do once someone is my Beer Buddy?

A. Once someone is your beer buddy you will be able to: see all of the beers they have rated and beers that are recommended to them, see their tasting notes, see their beer buddies, and recommend beers to them that you think they should try.

Q. What if I forget my password?

A. Click on the 'Forgot Password' link and a new password will be send to the email address you registered with.

Q. What is BrewGene?

A. BrewGene is an online community that produces beer recommendations based on individuals' taste and preferences. For more information, see our About Us for more information.

Q. What is BrewGene's shipping policy?

A. We currently offer flat-rate shipping on all of our t-shirts for $6 to anywhere in the US and Canada. If you are in a different country please Contact Us to find out how much it costs to ship to your country.

Q. What is BrewGene's return policy?

A. If you are unhappy with your purchased merchandise, or would like to exchange an item for a different size, we will be happy to oblige. The buyer is required to pay shipping in both directions for returns/exchanges, and there will be a $2 re-stocking fee.